“I think the reason we felt so comfortable is that for one – everyone did their individual job so well and secondly, everyone there gets to know – really know – the patients. They have a personal relationship with each of them based on their needs, wants and their unique personalities. The end result is very good care of each patient.”

P. Thompson

“It eased our minds when we went home at night to know that he was well cared for and the help he received daily is to be commended. Our first impression of the facility the day he was admitted was that all of you were smiling and so friendly and this continued his entire stay.”

Genny & Juanita

“I cannot say enough good things about these wonderful people who are called by God to work with what the Bible calls “the least of these,” for that is truly what they become day by day as their very essence vanishes, stolen by dementia. In many cases, the caregivers at Harborview become like family, and the care they deliver is the same quality of care that they would give to their own parent or grandparent.”

J. Garner

“Each employee puts forth a smile at all times, acts only in kindness, works hard to improve the quality of the resident’s life’s, and always treats their residents with the “golden rule”. We are impressed with the activities they have, from fishing out on the waterfront to Facebook help. The people who work there have made a difference in our lives. We know our family member is safe, happy and cared for as an individual and has people who look to stimulate their mind and body.”

– Anon. Editorial submitted to Carteret News Times

“I want to thank the wonderful professional staff of nurses and attendants who cared for me 24 hours/day while I was recovering from surgery…I not only enjoyed spending the time for recovery at Harborview, but I also can highly recommend your facility to others who will need your help, and I will consider choosing Harborview again in the future.”

– J. Roth